Invasion - Hannah Howe


By Hannah Howe

  • Release Date: 2018-02-02
  • Genre: Women Sleuths


About the Series

The Ann's War Mystery Series is a series of five novellas set in 1944-5. Each story contains approximately 15,000 words and a complete mystery. The stories are: BETRAYAL, INVASION, BLACKMAIL, ESCAPE and VICTORY. The stories are set four months apart and will be published four months apart, so you can read them in 'real time', if you wish. However, you may prefer to read the books 'as one' after the publication of VICTORY. Please make a choice based on your reading preference. Kindly note that each mystery is resolved within one story, and that Ann's story arc will be resolved over the five books.


With her husband, Emrys, still missing in action, Ann Morgan receives a personal offer from debonair Detective Inspector Max Deveraux. Should she decline or accept his offer?

Meanwhile, in her professional life, Ann is faced with a dilemma. After Trevor Bowman’s murder, should she take up the reins at his detective agency?

While Ann ponders the personal and professional aspects of her life, a friend asks her to search for her missing daughter. Apparently, Adeline Hopkins, the daughter, endured a fractious relationship with her father. However, what about her ex-boyfriend and an American soldier, a GI she briefly walked out with?

As the GIs prepare to leave and embark upon the second wave of D-Day landings, Ann needs answers, only to find herself faced with a further dilemma, the dilemma of how best to serve justice.